Give us a yes and you
get an OHHHH!

Promises are made to be kept. At least that’s how we see it.

From trade-fair construction
to brand experience…

Today Walbert–Schmitz is one of the leading German companies for brand experiences in the trade fair and event sector and one of the few, which is independent and owner-managed.

Facts & Figures



Projects 2018


Longest client relationship




Average turnover

30 Mio. €

Fun at work


We believe that brands can be perceived through all of our senses and we achieve this by going above and beyond in everything that we do. We want to inspire people and approach everyone – employees, clients and visitors – with respect and on equal terms.

Our ambitions are reflected in various aspects. Thus, we have expanded our service portfolio with digital competency – virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are essential parts of our concepts. And one of our visions is to belong to the best employers in the industry within the next 5 years. Nothing more, nothing less.

“We use what we have learned over the years and combine it time and again with the new.“

Our visionary management

Our management is decidedly visionary in its thinking. This doesn’t just secure our future but also ensures fun at work.



Chief Executive Officer/Owner
The working world is changing, even in our industry. What do we need to stay permanently mobile and to move forward?  For me, the foundation of a successful company is a question of attitude. To promote value-based leadership, which puts dimensions such as social responsibility, transparency, attentiveness, trust, courage or adaptability at the forefront. We encourage and challenge our employees and feel connected to them, our location and our clients. Our company culture has grown naturally based on these ideas. With over 50 years of experience in this industry, Walbert-Schmitz is renowned for professional, fair and cooperative collaboration. This makes us future-proof!


Chief Operating Officer
Finding sustainable solutions, which create long-term client relationships, in a highly-dynamic market, is a challenge! As the requirements have changed enormously: timeframes are tighter, while the complexity of projects is increasing ue to the greater range of involved parties and media. We value highly the close collegial team spirit. This gives us the strength to master any kind of project with sovereignty and serenity. Our clients value us as a client-oriented partner: our ability to professionally implement trade-fair requirements and also to handle client-specific problems holistically and with expertise.


Chief Sales Officer
Personal encounters with people in our global, digitalized world are extremely precious. Shared experiences and direct exchanges will continue to be prerequisites for productive collaboration in the future. I see myself here as a driving force, encouraging change in perspectives, provoking lateral thinking, creating opportunities!


Member of the Management Board
Our future is becoming more interdisciplinary, faster and at the same time less and less tangible. These times are characterized by constant change in which new chances are permanently revealed. I am always open to new things. Finding solutions for and together with our clients enables consistent learning. Technology, form and dimension offer us various possibilities to translate the attributes of a brand into real brand experiences, thus tangible 360° brand environments. This is a very meaningful and fascinating task, especially today!


Member of the Management Board
It is always exciting to see how a design concept is realized. We succeed in this time and time again because we are reliable and committed. Our offers have a clear structure and we work transparently, thus giving clients price assurance. We enjoy working face-to-face as information is passed on most efficiently in this way. Difficulties are resolved before they become problems. Whilst the projects are becoming more international and more and more specialized components are being requested, the constant optimization of working and business procedures has had a considerable influence on the success of the projects.

playfulness, fun & excitement +++

We are constantly reinventing ourselves. Because we learn, because we observe, because we want to stay ahead of the game. This requires flexibility, inquisitiveness and courage, and not least because our clients stick with us long term. Because we impart, share and take part.

What we value


In our industry products have a short life-span by definition.
Therefore, sustainability means a lot to us and we are completely focused on it.


The better informed we are today, the more targeted we can do business tomorrow. That is why we invest a lot of energy into training our staff and supporting education in the region.


We feel responsible for our employees. A healthy workplace and interactive health days are a small contribution we can make to their well-being.


We see our company as one big family. Flexible working hours and childcare are natural for us in order to combine family with career.