Co-creation instead of individual work overload

Fujitsu brings people, technologies, and ideas together in the World Tour 2017.

“Disruption” – this word seems unwieldy, not fitting and all in all, not particularly nice. Nevertheless, it is currently on everyone’s lips and is the cause of a lot of head spinning in companies and organizations worldwide. What are the consequences and effects of Digital Disruption? How should companies react? Which skills and technologies are needed?
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Joseph Reger, EMEIA Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu, described the pace and extent of the Disruption as “disturbing” (quote on A single company is often overwhelmed with the complexity of the questions and related tasks, this is where Fujitsu steps in with the philosophy of Digital Co-creating: Instead of working off the problems caused by the disruption, Fujitsu is seizing the opportunities of digitization by finding and establishing new partnerships, bringing together previously unrelated topics and fields of competence, and cooperating to make innovations together. “Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-Creation” is therefore the theme of Fujitsu World Tour 2017, which brought together a total of 14,000 experts of all kinds, in 22 countries.

The organization of the eleven World Tour events in Europe had similar demands on the organizers, as the Digital Disruption has on companies: The quantity and frequency of the events required mobility and intelligent systems that were modular and sustainable. The venues available for the events were varied, which meant the events had to be flexible and innovative to be able to adapt to one or multiple floors, open spaces or interiors, and closed or separated areas. Regardless of the venue the main goal of the World Tour was achieved: To perfectly present Fujitsu’s services and products, and at the same time allow and stimulate innovation, exchange, knowledge transfer, and meetings.

Henry Ford once sought employees “who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done”. These people were present at the Fujitsu World Tour 2017 – both on the host and on the visitor side.


The World Tour 2017: six continents, 22 countries, 14,000 visitors

Eleven events in less than four months in Europe: Stockholm, Warsaw, Helsinki, Madrid, Berlin, Lisbon, Brussels, Utrecht, Milan, Paris, London

One Truck Tour, three semitrailers

50 – 60 modules + 5- 6 Verticals per event

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