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Walbert-Schmitz and Switzerland. Our cooperation with the agency DARC.

The team at Walbert-Schmitz is set up broadly by unifying disciplines and bringing people together.
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The cooperation with DARC strengthens our network by partnering with an agency in Switzerland.

Actually, we are adding two strong people. As a passionate ice hockey player, Roger Huber (m.) knows what teamwork and assertiveness mean. He has known the industry for more than 20 years and his craziest project was the worldwide support of the ABB Formula E Tour in 2018. Daniel Schmid (r.) draws his expertise from over 25 years of practical experience in the industry. He knows the needs of the customers and the challenges in both national and international environments. At DARC, he is using his competences to focus on consulting.

We all know that in business relationships trust is essential.

Real value is added here because we at Walbert–Schmitz and our customers are able to benefit from this relationship as a result of added expertise during the project.
Roger agrees, “Being able to trust each other blindly is essential for me – after all, our business is a people business. At the same time, expectations are rising and everything has become more hectic and short-term. I have been able to experience this development on both sides, in the past as a customer myself and today as a consultant and planner.” However, even with increasing time pressure, there is a positive side effect. The strict, hierarchical relationship between client, agency, and executing service provider is dissolving more and more. All trades work together and in parallel much earlier in the course of the project. A new kind of symbiosis is created that demands new structures and types of cooperation.

Local support and international expertise

Roger emphasizes, “Even if it sounds a bit stereotypical, in Switzerland everything is a little smaller and because of that more personal, which makes it special.” The aim of the cooperation is to provide Swiss companies with local and personal support. For Walbert–Schmitz, DARC is a partner, mediator and voice at the same time. Roger also sees many advantages in the agency partnership with Walbert–Schmitz. “We can specifically address niche markets in order to get Swiss companies to attend international events. The team from
Aachen brings a concentrated load of creativity and competence at the highest level to the relationship. All parties involved, including customers and suppliers, also benefit in terms of cost efficiency.” This requires a reliable network and
short ways of communication as well as coordination.

Going beyond borders – dissolving physical and creative distances

New possibilities of fast communication decrease the importance of physical proximity. But what is possible in project management, cannot be transferred one-to-one to brand communication. For Daniel, “meeting people in B2B is
indispensable and gaining importance especially in the digital age. Big Brands show how it could work in the future; creating their own, exclusive Events without the ‘scatter losses’ of big trade fairs. This way, they change brand experiences.
In brand communication in general, it will be important to stand out from the crowd while still remaining true to oneself and being able to reinvent oneself”.
This is exactly why physical brand experiences are so important; everyone perceives things differently and the atmosphere at the location also contributes significantly to the success. In the end, it is important to reach the people at various touchpoints.

Changes in communication – timing beats comfort

Spatial brand communication continuously asserts its strong position – the trade fair is only one of many possible platforms. Companies must have the courage to follow the path they think is right. This can also mean turning their backs on the “comfortable” trade-fair environment.

Walbert–Schmitz advises through questioning about where the target Group can be found and what kind of staging is inspiring. Companies have to be sensitized about the right timing because in times of constant availability of information, rolling out innovations can no longer wait until the next trade fair.
For Daniel Schmid, it is also clear that the events themselves have to move with the times in order to be continuously perceived as strong communication instruments. This is exactly where the changes are happening. DARC observes the changing of the trade-fair landscape in several ways. “Who would have thought 20, 10 or even 5 years ago that CEBIT wouldn’t exist anymore today?”
For us as cooperating partners, it is a matter of responding to our customers’ needs. Daniel and Roger want to listen, understand concerns and take the customer seriously because trust is built when you put people at the center of your activities.

Go onto the website (only in German): https://d-arc.ch/

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