How does technological progress become sensually tangible? An answer for NVIDIA: By confronting the physical world with the virtual. In this way, visitors of the RTX Product Launch at the Palladium in Cologne were able to experience the breakthrough technology of the new generation of graphics cards.
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NVIDIA engaged Refik Anadol who is an up coming artist, active in live audio/visual performance, site-specific immersive installation, and parametric data sculpture. His work explores the space between digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media art.

His installation for the NVIDIA RTX Product Launch adds the digitally projected dimension to the physically built Cornell box. Refik Anadol generates an immersive experience that dissolves the boundaries of three-dimensional reality.

NVIDIA’s groundbreaking technology takes his other artworks also to next level. A look at his Instagram feed illustrates the impressive play with our visual perception.Unable to communicate with Instagram.

Further impressions are shown on Refik Anadol’s Instagram profile:


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Refik Anadol Walbert Schmitz Newsroom 002 brand experience international Messe exhibition
Refik Anadol Walbert Schmitz Newsroom 003 trade fair event Messebau construction