The 144 wall elements made of Makrolon® weighed 26 tons alone.


Trade Fairs


The mobility of tomorrow – Covestro showed newest materials and concepts for the automotive and transport sector. A design study of a car model was taken from the second dimension to the third. It took many hours to print this life-size model in 3D, to shape it, paint it, put the individual parts together and it was also furnished with electronic steering.

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Innovation you can touch

At a glance

Courageous, curious, colorful – there were touchable innovations at the K in the areas of automotive, construction, health & cosmetics, fashion, sports and electronics. Covestro showed their latest materials and concepts. At the Sample Bar the versatile properties of the materials could be observed at close proximity. There was a theme on each of the eight exhibition days, which was handled particularly intensively. Related to these, there were podium discussions, presentations and award ceremonies.





Project/ location

K / Dusseldorf


1200 m²

Lead-in time

16 weeks


Stefan Meid, Karin Kolek, Clemens Leppen, Günter Wagner

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Pushing Boundaries is Covestro’s attitude to challenges. We have been taking on the challenge of trade-fair appearances for years. That’s why the company’s own material – Makrolon® – was used in an amount never known before. Simply Pushing Boundaries!

Visionaries and industry partners could exchange experiences with the experts in the Covestro arena.

Feature #1

Wall elements made of Makrolon®, measurements: 6×2 metres, weight: 180 kg

Feature #2

Light gels for use in the automotive area   

Feature #3

Exhaust trim in chromed vinyl, translucent and suitable for use in the outdoor area

Feature #4

Exhibit table with area identification

This is what we did

  • Development of prototypes to fix the Makrolon® walls
  • Detailed preparation of special exhibit spaces
  • 3D printed automotive design study
  • Booth build, development of the Hospitality Area

Cooperation partner

  • Concept / design: Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG
  • Trade-fair construction: Walbert-Schmitz GmbH & Co. KG
  • Detailed design & construction management: smd + partner
  • Lighting (concept and implementation): LK AG

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