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An owl was created as a visual guide for the emotionally-packaged story. The owl imparts the requested information through a multi-media experience. Alongside the attractive and awareness-raising technology, a distinctive “campaign language“ and custom design were created.

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How to become a wise owl – Interactive AR Journey

At a glance

Every year many young people from the Arabian region consider whether they would profit from studying abroad, once they have completed their schooling. Germany is among the most attractive locations. So that Germany’s appeal and also the perception of the quality of German education and science remains of continued significance, Walbert–Schmitz developed a target-group-focused advertising and information medium.


Consulting— Creation — Planning — Execution


DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

Lead-in time

8 weeks


Roland Semrau, Tom Breuer, Felix Simonsen, Shari Mascher, Vedat Cepni

Creating the owl as a cartoon-style 3D figure in the brochure and the AR app, as well as testing the technology, are part of the development process of an AR project at Walbert–Schmitz.

The magazine and app are multipliers, information tools and communication channels.

Feature #1

Walbert–Schmitz designed and developed the magazine as a sustainable give-away. The target is to continue to establish Germany as an attractive education and science location. The platform
for this is exhibitions, mainly in the Arabian region.

Feature #2

The owl was created as a 3D figure and has a cartoon depiction. It narrates the rough story of a student’s journey in Germany. Interculturally the owl is a symbol of knowledge and education
(European and Arabian).

Feature #3

The app offers target group focused media content and has useful functions such as a to-do list. In addition, the target group receives push notifications about registration deadlines or news.

This is what we did

  • Concept & storytelling
  • Design and layout
  • Graphics & animation
  • 3D models and programing UX and UI
  • Creation of the app for iOS and Android as well as video and moviemaking

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