The visitor passes through 6 stations with different digital applications.


Trade Fairs


Our long-term client DATEV’s presence at CeBIT in Hanover was a totally new concept. At the center of the main booth there was an interactive, digital multi-sensory experience, which enabled commercial processes to be experienced interactively.

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Customer journey from start-up to medium-sized company

At a glance

DATEV belongs to the largest information service providers in Europe and is specialized in software and data processing. They support companies of all sizes with their services. In order to show the different requirements and DATEV‘s products, which fit to them, a fictive company, from start-up to a corporate group, was developed and shown across six stations. 


Consulting — Creation — Planning — Execution



Project/ location

CeBIT / Hanover


522 m²

Lead-in time

14 weeks


Janina Dittmann, Stefan Meid, Philipp Gumnior, Udo Könen

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Accompany our team through the multi-sensory experience and go through the features of each station in use.

This trade-fair booth was a totally different company appearance.

Feature #1

Printed carpet gave the impression of a board game.

Feature #3

Each of the 6 stations was designed in a monochrome color spectrum – from the walls to the accessories.

Feature #2

Many different touch applications made the stand particularly interactive.

This is what we did

  • Architectural design based on story telling
  • Close collaboration and several workshops with the client and agency
  • Integration and installation of digital applications on the stations

Cooperation partner

  • Development customer journey: DCC Ruhr

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