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Derived from the current HA campaign, a miniature world was created that consists of 1377 silhouettes.




A digitally augmented, analog miniature world puts the user in the role of an explorer. In a playful and intuitive way, the user is introduced to the complex product world of Hüttenes-Albertus.
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Digital and analog miniature world

At a glance

At the 8m-long augmented reality miniature world, visitors can discover the products of Hüttenes-Albertus in two languages using two mobile monitors. On the first day of the fair a microsite was launched simultaneously, which made the content accessible from anywhere. Click here to visit the microsite.


Consulting— Creation — Planning — Execution



Project/ location




Lead-in time

12 weeks


Roland Semrau, Tom Breuer, Vedat Cepni, Shari Mascher, Frederic Hansen, Julian Drenker, Felix Simonsen, Stefan Hardebusch

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Showing you some insights into the handicraft necessary for the miniature world. The 3D printing was done in-house at Walbert–Schmitz. Small animations like the jumping fish in the 3D landscape and a lot of different content was put together to form one world. During the entire conceptualization and implementation of the project, our various departments worked with great attention to detail.

Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-001 brand experience international Messeexhibition
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz- 002 trade fair event Messebauconstruction
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-003 Eventmanagement management digital solutions realisation
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-011 Eventmanagement managemen tdigital solutions realisation
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-004 digitale Lösungen Kreation creation design
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-005 Architektur architecture Kommunikation corporate communication
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-009 brand experience international Messeexhibition
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-006 Kreativ Agentur trendresearchMarkenentwicklung
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-013 Architektur architecture Kommunikation corporate communication
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-008 corporateidentityProduktinszenierung customerjourney
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-014 Kreativ Agentur trend research Markenentwicklung
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-010 trade fair event Messebauconstruction
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-007 brand building brand strategy Markenauftritt
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-012 digitale Lösungen Kreation creation design
Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-015 brand building brand strategy Markenauftritt

Attention to detail and many hidden gimmicks can be found everywhere.

Hüttenes-Albertus-GIFA-Walbert-Schmitz-005 Architektur architecture Kommunikation corporate communication
Feature #4

Two sliding touchscreens with augmented reality functions


Feature #3

Miniature landscape 8m in length and more than 1377 silhouettes

Feature #1

Digital content as a web application also available on the internet


Feature #2

Information is transferred in a playful and intuitive way

This is what we did

  • Conceptualization of a digital and analog application, which provides the user with easy access to the topic.
  • Elaboration of a corporate design that fits the current graphic campaign.
  • Collaboration of all trades such as furniture construction, metal construction, mechanics, including the creation of the model world in our own 3D printing laboratory.
  • Realization of a congruent experience with the same “look and feel” as a microsite.

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