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The showroom is in a hall which dates back to 1882.




Alongside presenting the product, the idea of this showroom was, in the first instance, to make the innovation culture behind the brand come alive and to anchor it in the minds of the viewers. The visitors have the possibility to experience StreetScooter with all of their senses due to an interactive and interdisciplinary concept.
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To make the innovation culture behind the brand come alive

At a glance

The interactive concept includes a customer journey, which is derived from the slogan CLEVER E-MOBILITY FOR WORK. 
In the entrance area an exhibit invites you to steer a miniature StreetScooter. The course is a replica of the test track on the industrial estate Avantis, on which StreetScooter tests autonomous driving. The entrance area leads directly into the INNOVATIVE section. Various future logistic scenarios, as well as the rapid development of the company are medially visualised. The journey takes you past the different types of vehicles to the area SUSTAINABLE. The tactile, acoustic and extremely vivid ecological aspects of the fleet solution are shown here. In the area USABLE, the visitor experiences the benefits of the Work L model for challenging everyday business.


Consulting — Creation — Planning — Execution



Project/ location

Showroom / Aachen


580 m²

Lead-in time

20 weeks


Anne Springer, Felix Altenrath, Stefan Hardebusch, Raoul Peters

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The challenge: To transform a former production facility into a modern and innovative showroom. No problem for Walbert–Schmitz because with creativity, challenges become chances.  

The contrast between the analogue world and the digital extension reflects the brand in all its aspects.

Feature #1

A timeline illustrates clearly the rapid development of the company – from start-up to automotive manufacturer.

Feature #3

Taking into account the regional affiliation, Walbert–Schmitz developed the visual design with high recall value.

Feature #2

The showroom allows the various types of vehicles to be tested for practicality.

This is what we did

  • Architectural concept
  • Spatial planning
  • Analysis of visitor flow and wayfinding
  • Graphic concept and implementation
  • Story for digital content
  • Creation of interactive content

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