The Journey continues

Our colleague Laura reports on her two-month stay in Colombia. There she works as a volunteer in a climate protection project.

Three weeks have passed since I started volunteering and it’s time for a small update.
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Fundación Andoke in Cali area, Colombia. Time seems to stand still in this beautiful environment. Accompanied by the chirping of the birds, I support the founders of the foundation, Maria and Alejandro. Both are in their late 40s and bought the land more than 20 years ago and started breeding butterflies. The desire of species conservation ultimatley led them to establish the foundation. Here workshops are offered on topics of conservation of the ecosystem, such as insects, flora and fauna and much more. Maria, Alejandro and their handful of employees live here in the remote surroundings of Cali, largely self-sufficient in harmony with their environment. They grow plants, compost and recycle everything they can. In order to help the Fundación continue its great work, my job is to develop a marketing strategy that is sustainable and in harmony with nature. I also support Maria and Alejandro with its implementation.

Thanks to the international exchange organization AIESEC, I was not only able to find the interesting job in the Fundación, but also my friendly host family, the Gomez’s. Every day I learn a lot about the country and its people, about the language and culture as well as the secluded life on the edge of the rainforest.

I am curious to see what the next three weeks will bring.
Adiós, Laura