The story of a creative process

The StreetScooter Showroom: Cooperation à la Walbert-Schmitz.

As a creative, you sometimes feel like a fortune teller. Where others see an empty factory building, you can already see – “like in a crystal ball” – how the first ideas take shape.
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Showroom Aachen

Project duration

Oktober 2017 – Februar 2018


Aachen, Germany

Total floor area

580 m²

Concept & Architecture




Google Maps 360° Tour

“Here we draw a wall, we can integrate the product presentation wonderfully into the existing architecture, the customer journey starts there…“.

Afterwards the close cooperation with all trades such as technical project management, graphics, production and construction management is extremely important.  We have always worked according to this premise and continue to perfect it.

We can use our strengths best during projects that run through the entire Walbert-Schmitz creative body – from the first sketch to completion. One such project was the development of the showroom for our client StreetScooter.

Developed in the environment of the RWTH Aachen University, with the aim of making electric mobility possible and economical even for small quantities, StreetScooter is familiar to everyone today because of the electric vehicles of the Deutsche Post, which are regularly seen on the road.

In addition to product presentation, the idea of the showroom was primarily about making the innovative culture behind the brand tangible and to anchor it in the viewer’s memory.

Through an interactive and interdisciplinary concept, visitors have the opportunity to experience StreetScooter with all their senses. The contrast between a tangible, analogue world and digital expansion reflects the brand in all its facets: from the practical, tangible product to the innovative imagination for our future.

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