Ana Pareja León

Architect in the Creative Department

I became aware of Walbert-Schmitz through an online job advertisement on the web page of my university in Valencia. Supported by the EU scholarship programme Leonardo da Vinci, I came as a Master of Architecture to Aachen.

Both my studies abroad and my Spanish temperament often give me a different way of viewing projects and their hurdles. In our department, we work together in a large open-plan office with a neighbouring design workshop, where we express our creativity also in independent projects. The spirit and atmosphere among the creative team is excellent and contagious. For planning and realising projects I work together with colleagues from Key Account Management, Project Management and Graphics.

The most special things for me are the working environment and the rooms at Walbert-Schmitz. However, there is not only continued development on a physical level at the company but also future visions are being strategically developed. This ensures that the company remains well positioned in the market.

Ana Pareja León - Walbert-Schmitz