Anton Woit

Apprentice as a Sign and Luminous-advertising Manufacturer

My introduction to the company began with getting to know one another intensively. Following my application, I was offered the chance to work a few trial days at Walbert-Schmitz and then to complete an internship. So I could get a glimpse into the profession in which I was interested. As a high-school graduate, it is possible to shorten the apprenticeship from three to two years. This sounds good but it also means that you must internalise the course contents in a shorter period of time.

I like planning and organising. From day one at Walbert-Schmitz I have been involved in big and small projects. I like my own large desk, a computer, high-quality tools and also the fresh fruit and water dispenser, which are available to all employees. The colleagues are made up of many different age and interest groups and that makes it special.

Anton Woit - Walbert-Schmitz