Florian Theves

Apprentice as an IT Specialist for System Integration

I was part of the second year to finish high school after 12 years. Then, I had to decide, which career path I would like to follow. I already got to know Walbert-Schmitz a few years before I graduated as I did my work experience in the IT department. As a result of holiday jobs there I familiarised myself with other areas and departments whilst the company also got to know me.  Subsequently I was offered the apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration.

I absolutely love gaming. So I was able to introduce my ideas and creative suggestions quite early for our clients at gamescom. In contrast to my daily work where I tend to work independently on solutions for problems, I am in a lively exchange with the project managers. I have always been interested in technical things. In my spare time, I am often surfing the net.  Walbert-Schmitz is always open to new ideas so that I like to pass on my findings directly to e.g. the designers.

During my apprenticeship, I feel supported from all sides also because I am offered additional opportunities and possibilities. Therefore, it is currently being planned that I deepen my knowledge in media technology in order to work on even more exciting projects with digital innovation.

Florian Theves - Walbert-Schmitz