Gregor Bartz

Deputy Head of Production

After finishing school, I applied for an apprenticeship as a carpenter at Walbert-Schmitz, which was advertised in the local newspaper. I could never have imagined then that I would now be the Deputy Head of Production. However, I enjoyed the varied activities and constant new challenges from the start and wanted to develop my knowledge further.

After completing my apprenticeship, I gathered two further years of experience here at Walbert-Schmitz, then attended technical school in Hildesheim and completed this as a wood technician and certified carpenter. I am glad to have returned to Aachen, the company and to my nice colleagues.

In my position, I work with project managers, coordinate carpenters, painters and metal workers. Everyone plays a part in realising the creator’s drafts and enabling the client to achieve a high-quality trade-fair presence.

Gregor Bartz - Walbert-Schmitz