Udo Könen

Construction Management

I still really enjoy my job, even after 25 years. As a trained carpenter it was more by chance at the time that I ended up in the trade-fair industry. Yet I quickly developed the enthusiasm from the transition. Today I am convinced that dealing with new materials, media, diverse people and above all young people, keeps me fit.

As Head of Assembly, I am always in new places and the fact that Walbert-Schmitz gives me the freedom to work is extremely important to me. I believe that my working environment is something rather special. Somehow I work together with all departments and am challenged to see the projects not only from the assembly point of view.

My private hobbies also play a part: fishing and motorbikes, since I have already been able to use the combination of patience and perseverance with technology and speed in some projects. Or patience and perseverance, technology and speed-these skills are also required for our clients’ projects.

Udo Könen - Walbert-Schmitz